FourBySix is a large, multi-user, multi-touch table designed to facilitate creative group work. It measures, predictably enough, 4' by 6'. FourBySix combines top projection with camera-based multi-touch input and object tracking from below; support for multiple sets of keyboard and mice; and high-resolution image acquisition through a top-mounted digital still camera. I built FourBySix during an internship at Microsoft Research in 2008 with collaborators Merrie Morris, Hrvoje Benko, and Andy Wilson. We are in the process of publishing two papers on this system - one about new techniques for integrating mouse and keyboard input on interactive surfaces (UIST2009), and one on a software system, Pictionaire, that supports design team meetings (CSCW2010).

Augmenting Interactive Tables With Keyboards & Mice

The following video demonstrates new interaction techniques we developed for integrating keyboard and mouse support on a multi-touch table:

Supporting Creative Group Work: Combining Digital and Physical Interactions

The following video demonstrates new interaction techniques for capturing and annotating both physical and digital artifacts:

Other Projects

Others have used FourBySix for their research as well- Rebecca Fiebrink and Dan Morris published a paper on tradeoffs between physical and virtual controls at CHI 09. In their system, multiple physical musical controllers are used in combination with multitouch input for a collaborative multitrack music editing application.


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