Rapid physical interaction prototyping tools for product designers

Björn Hartmann
Scott Klemmer, Nirav Mehta, Michael Bernstein
HCI Group, Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University

We are investigating ways to enable end-users who are experts in the design domain but who are not necessarily comfortable with general purpose programming languages to rapidly develop tangible user interfaces (TUIs). Specifically, we aim to build prototyping toolkits for industrial designers that will allow them to combine exploration of form and interactive function during the early product design stages. Fieldwork at Bay Area design studios is underway to uncover the structure of the prototyping process and to pinpoint critical areas where task support can be fruitful. We are also researching the use of visual formalisms and programming by demonstration (PBD) techniques for our toolkit user interface.

All d.tools code is released under the BSD license. If you are interested in trying out d.tools or in contributing to this project, visit our sourceforge.net project page.

project homepage at hci.stanford.edu
Talk slides (ppt), presented on 05-17-05 at the Stanford Forum HCI Workshop.
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